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Kieran was kind enough to share Jobriath A.D. with us and, on many levels, I just loved it and think that a lot of Dangerous Minds readers will really love it, too. Narrated by Henry Rollins and featuring interviews with Marc Almond, Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott, Magnetic Fields’ Stephen Merritt, Ann Magnuson, Kristian Hoffman, Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters and Jobriath’s manager Jerry Brandt, Turner’s film seems set to perform the same task for Jobriath Boone, rock’s first out and proud “fairy” that Andrew Horn’s The Nomi Song doc did for the once similarly obscure Klaus Nomi.

Jobriath A.D., a new documentary about ill-fated career on Glam Rock artist Jobriath. Marc Almond stated on Guardian "Jobriath (born Bruce Wayne Campbell) was a readymade entity with no big backstory, yet to those in the know he was thrilling and seductive, a guilty secret. I remember, before hearing a note, taking a journey to the big city to buy his first album, the eponymous Jobriath, on import. Its striking cover showed him with porcelain skin and film-star ruby lips, a fallen, broken, beautiful statue. On a first listening, the music is a baffling mix of glam, musical theatre and 1970s rock. At a time when we craved simple guitar chords and a Starman chorus, Jobriath seemed just too musical, too clever – not pop enough. His voice had a touch of Mick Jagger at his most sluttish (like that other wonderful US glam import, David Johansen of the New York Dolls). He was a mix of wide-eyed innocent and world-weary punk. And though there was a nod to Ziggy in the vowels, Bowie he was not.

For me, above all else, he was a sexual hero: truly the first gay pop star. How extreme that was to the US at the time. His outrageous appearances on the hallowed US rock show The Midnight Special prompted shock, bewilderment and disgust. Everyone hated Jobriath – even, and especially, gay people. He was embarrassingly effeminate in an era of leather and handlebar moustaches.”

a short documentary about the short career of Jobriath. 

Photo of the Day, Jobriath

Photo of the Day, Jobriath

Jobriath “L’Maman” Jorbriath 1973 Elektra

During the height of Glam Rock, Jobriath was signed to Elektra records for a unheard of $500,000 ten year contract and with this price tag came a media blitz. Full-pages ads in magazines and 250 billboards around New York City. During the marketing campaign Jobriath labeled himself “Rock’s Truest Fairy” making him the first openly gay rock singer to be signed to a major record label. This statement did little to help his career and even with positive reviews, his albums were not able to find an audience and Jobriath was dropped from his label in 1974. He spent the remaining years of his life as a Lounge singer for Chelsea Hotel before becoming the first musical casualties to AIDS in 1983.

Glam Rock

Glam Rock, the fuse of transvestism and bisexuality. Even though only a few stars were actually Bisexual or Gay, Glam Rock’s sexual ambiguity gave it an appeal to the current Gay Movements that were happening at the time.

T. Rex :: Children of the Revolution
Marc Bolan was the first to wear makeup and glitter, that came to be know as apart of the theme of glam rock.

David Bowie :: Life on Mars?—IqqusnNQ
Bowie was one of the only mainstream artist to admit to being openly bisexual.

New York Dolls :: Personality Crisis
Still carrying the escense of Glam Rock with their personas’. The Doll’s sound was a little bit more of a break away towards punk.

Queen :: Killer Queen
Freddie Mercury remained in the closet throughout his life.

Jobriath :: Rock of Ages
Jobriath was the first mass marketed pop star and the first to be openly gay.