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Last November at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, some of today’s most influential artists gathered to celebrate the music of Bob Mould. Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Britt Daniel (Spoon), Ryan Adams, No Age, Craig Finn and Tad Kubler (The Hold Steady), Margaret Cho with Grant Lee Phillips, and Jessica Dobson (The Shins, Deep Sea Diver) all performed songs from Bob’s historic catalog. Until now, only the 2,265 concert attendees have seen these amazing performances. Fortunately, the entire evening was captured in stunning audio and high-quality video quality by filmmaker Justin Mitchell.
Starting today, we are launching a Kickstarter campaign to bring this amazing footage to life. Justin and his camera crew followed Bob and the other artists meticulously throughout their day catching the rehearsals, preparation, interactions — and of course the night’s unforgettable performances. Not only will the campaign fund this film, but it also offers Bob’s fans exclusive Kickstarter products such as a limited edition 7-inch single, a commemorative t-shirt, and a silkscreen print set. Additional products and information are featured below.

Azaelia Banks x Paris is Burning “Fierce”

Tegan and Sara “Walking with a Ghost” So Jealous 2004 Vapor
The “buoyant punk-pop” sound, inspired by 1980s that So Jealous was supplied with made Tegan and Sara reach a more of a wider audience than from their previous audience. “Walking with a Ghost” was also covered by The White Stripes and released under “Walking with a Ghost” EP.
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The White Stripes “Walking with a Ghost” Walking with a Ghost EP 2005 V2 
Originally done by Tegan and Sara.

The Drums “Days” Portamento 2011 Islands Records
The front singer Johnny Pierce comes from a Pentecostal pastor family - where his parents lead anti-gay rallies and his mother proudly had a glbt section from a small bookstore removed. Pierce still holds on to being accepted by his parents but at the same times it’s counter-productive to be proud to be gay ” … because straight people are not proud to be straight.” And hopes one day that being gay is just being normal.
Also the video features Amanda Lepore & Marc Faiella

The Tiller Boys “Bog Noise From the Jungle” Big Noise From The Jungle 1979 New Hormones
The Tiller Boys were a early New Wave band formed by Eric Random, Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks) and Francis Cookson. Only one EP was ever released by the band called ‘Big Noise From the Jungle’ in 1979. Eric Random was a member of Buzzcock’s road crew and later joined Shelley to create an experimental krautrock band but because of Shelley’s level of commitment to the Buzzcocks - the band never became a full time concern for Shelley.

Shoplifting “Raw Nails Now” Shoplifting EP 2004 Kill Rock Stars

formed in 2002, Shoplifting is made up of Hannah Blilie (Gossip), Chris Pugmire, Devin Welch (Past Lives) and Michelle Nolan. “Body Stories” in 2006 was the only album released by the band and one EP that was self-titled.
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"God, sexuality can be so #confusing, right? Like, how are you supposed to tell if you’re gay or not and stuff? In this episode of VICE’s Slutever, Karley’s recent sex dreams about her gurl crush, Mistress Amanda Whip, cause her to ponder, "In sex, does everything have to be black and white—’straight’ or ‘gay’—or can you be somewhere in between, like, in a gray area?" Clearly, the only way to solve this dilemma is with a LESBIAN MAKEOVER!!! Obvz with the help of international playboy Dev Hynes (aka Blood Orange); Lauren Dillard of the lesbi-friendly band CREEP; and of course, the most powerful alt lesbian of all time and member of Le Tigre, JD Samson." via VIC

"Here’s the latest entry into Sigur Rós’s Mystery Film Experiment, a murky, eerie clip for Valtari‘s “Varðeldur.” Irish artist Clare Langan composes and directs." via Stereogum

Artist: Kaki King
Song: “Great Round Burn”
Album: Glow

“‘Great Round Burn’ was written in tribute to the sun which is the source of all life and much pain,” Kaki King tells Rolling Stone.