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sad how a lot of artist played at Gay and Lesbian clubs are not ever queer, and in a lot of cases not ever queer allies.

Photo of the Day; Tegan and Sara

Photo of the Day; Tegan and Sara

MTV Hive releases an MP3 stream of Mirah’s newest track featuring Tender Forever rapping in the background in French.



New Sick of Sarah video for “Giving Up”.

This is a super fun band, even though this song is so super serious time.


As you may know, Punk Start My Heart is a big part of Not Enough! and have decided after being intensely inspired by last years festival, to start a record label! We really feel like queer and feminist artists deserve to be put on vinyl records and get help with promotion and touring, and you can…

Jess McAvoy is a Perth, Australia native who, motivated by a childhood desire for fame, has been making her way as a musician since she was 16. Now living in Melbourne, she talks about her “chick music with balls,” plans to leave her home country for the US, and how this change in location will bring about an exciting change in her music as well.

Listen to JD Samson’s MEN on Daytrotter

newest vinyl to the collection

newest vinyl to the collection

QueerControl Records compilation “License to Download.” This is QCR’s second compilation and features 12 tracks from a variety of LGBTIQQ artists.