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Gayrilla Biscuits “No Homosexual Surrender”
“Gayrilla Biscuits is a queercore band from Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. They re-record hardcore songs like “Flame Still Burns”, “Straight Edge”, and “True Til Death” and change the lyrics to be about homosexuality. For example, the Bold song “Nailed to the X” becomes “Nailed in the Ass” and Minor Threat’s “Straight Edge” becomes “Gay Edge”.

The band has 2 releases, a demo 7” on Slowgun Records and the “Hung Queens Can Suck It” EP (a play on Judge’s “Chung King Can Suck It”) on Buddyhead records. (via”

Youth of Togay “Tough Gay” Tossed Salad Days EP 2009
“Youth of Togay was formed in the Summer of 2005 in Boston, Massachusetts by the three original members. Patrick, Nic and Evan. Formed under the idea to have fun, parody current hardcore bands, and write uplifting and humorous original songs for vinyl release. (via”

Kumbia Queers "Chica De Calendario" Kumbia Nena! 2011 Comfortzone
After meeting each other in 2006, this six member all-girl queercore band starting experimenting with Cumbia style music and formed Kumbia Queers. The guitarist and drummer come from a previous queercore band called ‘Shedevils.’ And the lead singer is also in the dyke punk band called ‘Ultrasonicas.’
You can find an interview with the band here.

Huggy Bear “Single Bullets” Rubbing the Impossible to Burst 1992 WIIIJA

Huggy Bear was an english riot grrrl band that started up in London in 1991. The band considered them shelfs “boy/girl revolutionaries” because of their political philosophy and gender makeup compared to their american counterpart like Bikini Kill. 

She’s Real (Worse than Queer) part 1 by Lucy Thane

a documentary about the riot grrrl and queercore scene in the 90s

God is my Co-pilot - Down Down Baby

Source: Wikipedia
Queercore mid 80s till current

Los Crudos :: Asesinos
Started 1991, a hardcore punk all latino band from Chicago lead by openly gay singer Martin Sorrondeguy 

Tribe 8 :: Femme Bitch Top
Helped formed by Leslie Mah, Tribe 8 was one of the few dyke punk bands.

Pansy Division :: Twinkie Little Star
One of the few Queercore to hit mainstream.

Sister George :: Virus Envy

Team Dresch :: Fagetarian & Dyke

A 1994 UK documentary with awesome bands like Huggy Bear, Bikini Kill, Mambo Taxi, Cornershop, Voodoo Queens, Sister George and more.

Queercore: Searching for Queer Music in San Francisco